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Important dating tips: My advice, go to therapy. 🙂Important Dating Tips #5. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE IN PERSONImportant dating tips Have you ever noticed how easy it is to feel confident when you’re on vacation? You lose your daily insecurities and allow yourself to be present, have fun and maybe even a little outgoing with strangers? Like, actual strangers. You might connect to people while traveling in ways that you don’t normally in daily life. One of the biggest things to recognize is how lazy technology has made us as a culture and realize the impact that it has on your dating/social life. You may find yourself uncomfortable with even just saying hello to the person sitting next to you in yoga class, but have no problem initiating an online flirt. In so many ways, this is the problem with modern dating. My advice isn’t to ditch online dating altogether, but rather incorporate the confident profile-vacation-self in real life as often as possible. What’s the big deal if you say hello to someone and they are not interested? The initial sting of embarrassment or rejection quickly fades, while the burnout of online dating may not.One quick and easy challenge, start being mindful of how often you are sending the message of being “closed” in person.

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Are you smiling? Are you giving eye contact? Are you acknowledging others? Are you interacting? If not…. well, start there!You can easily google “important dating tips” looking for information on how to find a more fulfilling connection, but unfortunately, you’ll mostly run into more superficial dating tips that only reinforce the problem or just aren’t extremely helpful. I hope reading these important dating tips have been helpful to you and your dating process!What do you think of these tips? Leave your comments below.PrevNext19 thoughts on “Important Dating Tips”Sad lonely girlApril 21, 2019 at 11:43 amHonestly I am pass the catering stage st first everything was fine I felt like I was the only girl he wanted it was perfect we cuddle spend everyday together an as you can see from all tHst “time together created a baby and while i was pregnant it was fine we still cuddle hung out with each other we have sex it was fine but now that the baby here thing change we all always room mated because we are young and live in cailfornia nither of us have family here beside his bother who live with us I always did all the cleaning and my boyfriend does the cooking so yes I piss that no one help out after having the baby but my boyfriend took on more hours so he tired An his bother like s big baby won’t lift a finger to help no matter what I say An now me and my boyfriend hardly see each other when he come home from work instead of spending time with me he rather chill with his bother we have sex

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I was hoping someone can help me understand thisReplyRihanaApril 23, 2019 at 5:33 pmBest relationship tips for me, thanks for writing this awsome piece of content.ReplyElina WillsApril 25, 2019 at 6:54 amIt is an informative post. These dating tips really help me out in my relationship. Recently I was facing troubles in my relationship and I tried finding solutions online.It helped me a lot, maybe it will be helpful to you as well.Why Women Leave their “Ideal”Marriages : Three themes I have seen as a Relationship Therapistwhy women leaveWhy women leave their committed relationships | Maybe you’ve personally experienced what I am about to discuss, or maybe you have just seen women around you make the decision to leave their marriages. Either way, this blog is intended to discuss certain themes “Is this person right for me?” “Do I want children?” “ Rather, I would like to identify 3 causes I have consistently found throughout my experience as a Relationship Therapist that have been leading factors to the why’s of women leaving their “ideal marriages.”#1 Why women leave their ideal marriage : They’ve “lost and/or have redefined themselves.”Simply put, After her children are a bit older she finds herself disconnected from the world, her relationships and even herself; she wants to re-establish and find herself again only to perceive and feel as though she’s met with criticism and judgment from her husband. Her husband may not logically understand what the big deal is, or understand her needs to re-establish her identity and may dismiss the severity.

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Does this sound familiar?What’s interesting, is despite the high probability of being on the same apps, my clients who are looking for the same thing (deep connection) are still missing other like-minded singles. Match after match, date after date, my clients are feeling incredibly overwhelmed and often stressed out that they may never find what they are looking for, (or even worse, that it doesn’t exist!) How can this be?We, as a technologically sophisticated society are thriving with smart devices, apps and immediate access. As modern dating embodies all of these advances, we still may find ourselves lost and out of touch. On one hand, these advances give us the opportunity to confidently reach out to many people that we think we may not normally cross paths with; but on the other, it can stunt our ability to show up in an authentic way.Another issue with online dating is that it has the impact to stunt our confidence in reaching out to people in person. There’s potential that you’re missing a genuine connection with that cute barista you see every Tuesday. Online dating also has potential to clog our perception of “what we really want” by instilling innate judgement on endless profiles, making the entire process dehumanizing and impersonal. Online dating may also leave you pretty lazy and you may not even realize how unavailable and closed off you are in person.So here is what you can do to try to increase your chances of finding an authentic partnership without being completely de-stigmatized from endless dating profiles,

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Prioritize what you really want from a partner.Do you feel pressure that “your time is running out?” I hear it all the time. That clock feels heavy for many singles and I can understand why. There can be a lot of anxiety around finding a partner, getting married and then potentially starting a family. This is especially true if you are like many Millennials who found themselves building their career first and then now in their early to late thirties feel nervous about their biological clock. You may find yourself nervous about the practical components to building an intimate life with someone, (i.e. “I need to have a baby realistically within the next 2 years, which means I have to meet someone today, get married by the end of the year and then get pregnant by 2020.”)Understanding what you truly desire from a relationship may feel daunting, especially if you have told yourself that you aren’t allowed to be picky because you don’t have time to be.Let’s say it’s incredibly important to you to find someone who has the same spiritual beliefs as you or who is intellectual; but let’s also say that you want to get married and have children. You may have found yourself in a predicament because you have yet to find someone with those spiritual and intellectual connections, but you have found someone who wants marriage and a baby. What do you do?Typically, However, I often hear clients discuss their frustration with not being able to find a meaningful connection with people they have been on 5+ dates with (or sometimes when they are even in a committed relationship with!) They are afraid to initiate meaningful topics or don’t know how to create a sense of connection based on values, life goals, world views, relationship goals;

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I’ve seen many couples who have been together/committed since they were 19-25 years old and now in their 30s or 40s, the women come to realize how much of themselves they didn’t know and/or explore when they made the decision to share their life with someone.From their perspective, they may feel as though they attempted to share their new discovery (or desire to discover) with their husbands, but repeatedly felt rejected or dismissed in the process. After months or even years of feeling isolated with this part of themselves rarely exposed, they start to (consciously or subconsciously) pull away from their husbands and feel a sense of emptiness.They feel vulnerable, conflicted with the newness they have tapped into, but also feel embarrassed or ashamed due to their perceived partner’s neglect in exploring this side with them. This new part of themselves can be as simple as gaining new hobbies; a new friend group; a new job; a new sense of confidence. It can also be as deep as a newly found spirituality, sexual desire, or a new phase in their lives that creates a new meaning in their identity (example: becoming a mother).Let’s take a realistic scenario. A woman defines herself as a hard worker, independent and self reliant; she gets married, has babies and stops working as much, if not entirely. The woman losses self confidence and independence, and internally shuts off due to her confusion of her own self worth. Her identity has become a “mother” and she doesn’t recognize the other parts of herself that once liberated her.

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After years of attempting to restructure her sense of self and feeling insecure and isolated by her partner, she may find herself wanting to end her marriage because she feels there is no other option to feel empowered, confident and authentic again.#2 Why women leave their ideal marriage : They haven’t clearly communicated to their partner the severity of their fears or needs (until their decision to leave has already been made or an affair has happened). Again, not a criticism or judgment. A mere observation I have seen throughout the years when working with couples. One correlation that seems to generate across the board is seeing some women get so defeated by their perception of their failed attempts, that often by the time they get to counseling, they have already made up their mind to leave their marriages. They feel completely discouraged, as many of them feel they had communicated over and over what their needs and fears were,

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